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the recycling

[ Jim sees the house on the horizon an hour before he makes it there. The snow is heavy and wet, sticking to his boots and the little hand-pulled sled he's using to carry supplies until he's slowed almost to a stand-still. Despite the even worse than usual weather, it had been a good trip: he's got enough food to last the five of them a week along with a few random presents he's picked up from the houses along the way.

Productive or not, though, it's been a long week. It usually is when Jim's away from his family. No matter how safe Norfinbury is now that they've settled it, he still remembers that first year when it seemed like all they ever did was watch people they cared about die. Coming back to a cold, empty house is still something that sends a spark of terror down his spine whenever he's alone.

There's a fire in one of the windows, though, and that keeps him pressing on through the worry. With the errands they were all out running, it wouldn't surprise Jim if only one of them were back yet. Not wanting to leave them alone, he pushes harder until he's barreling through the door of the large two-story with a small snowstorm at his feet. ]

Hey! 'm back! Anybody home?

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[Tifa's only been back for about an hour or so, long enough to put away the supplies she's picked up and start a fire. Even if Norfinbury's far safer these days than it was when they first arrived, she can't help but worry when they split up. Even without monsters, the weather can still be dangerous, and she knows she won't relax fully until everyone is home again.

When she hears Jim's voice, she feels an undeniable rush of relief, and she might hurry from the kitchen to the living room to greet him just a bit too quickly. She knows Jim can take care of himself by this point, but... Still. She can't help it, just like she can't help the way she grins when she sees him.]

Welcome back! How did it go?
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[She hugs him back just as fiercely, holding on for a moment before finally stepping back. Overprotectiveness dies hard! Even if he is taller than her now. She makes a soft humming sound at his question.]

Nothing special. I found most of the things we needed, though. You didn't run into any trouble?
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[She gives him a look when he ruffles her hair, but it's obvious by the way she's fighting a smile that she doesn't mind it all too much. She sits down beside him, her eyes widening a bit when he tells her he has a surprise.]

You do? You didn't have to do that.

[It's incredibly sweet of him, though.]
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[She's expecting something practical, maybe, or something... Well, anything but that. So, for a split second, all she can do is blink in surprise before she bursts out laughing.]

He'll love it. Maybe we should give it to him when he's getting bored.