powersouls: (003)
Tifa Lockhart ([personal profile] powersouls) wrote in [community profile] throwingstarships 2015-12-12 09:35 am (UTC)

[Tifa's only been back for about an hour or so, long enough to put away the supplies she's picked up and start a fire. Even if Norfinbury's far safer these days than it was when they first arrived, she can't help but worry when they split up. Even without monsters, the weather can still be dangerous, and she knows she won't relax fully until everyone is home again.

When she hears Jim's voice, she feels an undeniable rush of relief, and she might hurry from the kitchen to the living room to greet him just a bit too quickly. She knows Jim can take care of himself by this point, but... Still. She can't help it, just like she can't help the way she grins when she sees him.]

Welcome back! How did it go?

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